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  • James Kirchner
    Nov 2 10:19 AM
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      Hanka, cut all those prices in half, and you've got an ordinary US cost of living.

      Still, I get your point.


      On Nov 2, 2012, at 1:14 PM, hgeige@... wrote:

      > It is also a matter of buying power. Let us say that the US dollar is
      > 18.50 CZK today. So, if I live in Prague, I get 462.5 CZK for 1000 words of
      > proofreading at $25.00.
      > Let us say that a humble one-bedroom apartment on the East Coast (around
      > New York, New Jersey) is $1,200.
      > If I do live on the East Coast, my health insurance is $418, (a cheap one,
      > so called 'catastrophic' one, and it is, in more ways than one) my car
      > insurance $900, a dinner in a popular(,,lidova" restaurace)restaurant for two
      > is $55.00 before the tip, and a loaf of bread around $4.00. I am not
      > saying that I do have to be going to restaurants, just illustrating. My gasoline
      > is currently around $3.49 a gallon and my haircut $55.00 (not the best of
      > the best, that one is $75.00), before the tip.
      > Working for a Czech agency, even a relatively well paying one, means that
      > I will get 2 to 3 times less than I'd get from a UK or US agency. Still,
      > I maintain that a Czech translator living abroad will not survive while
      > working exclusively forCzech agencies, while a Czech translator living in CR
      > and working exclusively for Czech agencies could, I mean, not very well, but
      > pays his rent, or not?
      > Hanka Geiger
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