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50145RE: [Czechlist] Re: Neodolatelna nabidka

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  • Sarka Rubkova
    Nov 2, 2012
      Is it that easier to justify any discount?


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      In regards to the volume discount: While I understand your point Jamie, and
      I also don't like the trick of "many jobs for little money", I have no
      problem in offering a discount (though not 40 % as requested by that LSP)
      for individual jobs over 10k words.

      My reasons are:
      - It is easier to focus, to adapt to the specific terminology etc. in case
      of a 10k job from one client instead of doing this in case of 10x 1k job for
      10 different clients (NB I don't consider 10x 1k job for the same client as
      one 10k job, also because it is not predictable)

      - Only one communication loop instead of e.g. 10 loops saves my time

      In other words, it is more efficient.


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      James Kirchner <czechlist@...> wrote:
      > How do you know the problem is BP? It could be the LSP.
      > This is that wonderful, absurd premise of the "volume discount". I tell
      students in training sessions and translation classes that volume discounts
      are nonsensical when it comes to services. A translator can't sell himself
      cheaper by spreading design and tooling costs over more units. However,
      people are ignorant of basic economics, so they fall for the trick
      > Jamie

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