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498Re: CHAT: native vs. team (was: JOB Slovak to English)

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  • Michael Grant
    Feb 29, 2000
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      >There is however one great danger:� if you have a chain of "language
      >workers", two, three or even more, their feeling of personal responsibility
      >gets quite often lost, like, "anyway, I don�t need to translate/read/edit it
      >too carefully, there are two/three/more... people after me who will take
      >care of it - at least they can earn their pay."� I experienced this while
      >working in a big international project on manuals with about five six people
      >in line, including a univesity professor as a terminology checker - and the
      >result was (in my view ) a disaster.

      For me (as an agency manager) this underlines the importance of
      *in-house* quality assurance. There needs to be one individual who
      holds final accountability for the quality of any given document.
      When I ran an agency in Prague we practically only dealt with only
      three languages (no prizes for guessing which ones), and it was no
      problem having people on staff with a good knowledge of each of them.
      Of course we still had to rely on outside experts for terminology on
      the more technical documents. In the US I deal with a couple of dozen
      languages, so it's not practical to retain staff who can handle all
      of them, but I work with agency suppliers who do always have in-house
      QA for their own language.

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