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49642Re: [Czechlist] Re: Use of the TM symbol in Czech

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  • Matej Klimes
    Aug 9 12:49 AM
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      I did (let them have it if they want to), but I told them it's going to
      look silly in an ad headline... the reason I asked here was to confirm
      whether that's not just my theory/preference..

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      Subject: [Czechlist] Re: Use of the TM symbol in Czech
      > If they want their little TM, let them have it
      >koho chleba jís, toho pisen zpivej
      >Neres to :)
      >--- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Matej Klimes" <mklimes@...> wrote:
      >> A client's client insists on using TM in superscript above the word
      >> Android in advertising copy in Czech, where the word Android is
      >> conjugated, i.e. it's an advert headline that says someting like
      >> up example):
      >> Rozumim si s Androidem - where the ENG original was something like
      >> am made for Android'
      >> (the adverts are for a consumer electronic device unrelated to
      >> Android/google, just using it and the bits in questions are
      >> not body copies, or small print..)
      >> It wasn't there originally, but now the client's client (the
      >> manufacturer) came back saying there has to be a (TM) after every
      >> Android - makes sense (and looks/sounds fine) in English, but I'm
      >> trying to tell them that we don't normally use it in Czech in plain
      >> text (let alone in advertising copy/headlines), I guess the main
      >> is that it's an English abbreviation and it looks weird in a Czech
      >> sentence, especially when the word is conjugated (it has an ending
      >> tacked onto it, which makes it sound Czech, AND technically it's not
      >> the Trade Mark any more, Android is, but AndroidEM isn't, I doubt
      >> registered every possible variant in all languages)... this is a
      >> cultural thing, we just don't do it in text or in copy - there'll be
      >> small print footnote saying that Coca Cola is registered TM of xxx
      >> (in Czech), but the copy itself - especially headlines - will not
      >> any TM in it in Czech adverts...
      >> Can you confirm (or not) this feeling/opinion? Both Czech and ENG
      >> speakers? Thoughts?
      >> Thanks
      >> Matej

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