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49137Re: [Czechlist] vyvoj akciovych trhu

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  • James Kirchner
    May 31 3:43 AM
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      That's right, but on the other hand, when there is a discernible trend, we use trend more often. Googling "upward trend" and "upward development" in relation to the stock market, I get 1.5 million hits for "trend" and only about 8,000 for "development".

      When you're talking about a sideways market, you get more than 7,000 hits for "trend" as opposed to a few hundred for "development". However, when the vyvoj is sideways, the most common term (37,000 hits) seems to be "movement".

      When you precede "trend" and "development" with common adjectives used when talking about stock market movements, such as "upward", "downward", "unclear", etc., you get a many times more hits for "trend" than you do for "development". The only exception I've found while experimenting is the adjective "satisfying", which shows up far more with "development" than with "trend" in a stock market context.

      Anyway, not everything that's "vyvoj" is called development, and people need to be careful.


      On May 31, 2012, at 6:00 AM, Simon wrote:

      >> I often use "developments" as a translation of vyvoj. Clearly, you have to watch the context, but I find it very frequently sounds more natural without changing the basic meaning.
      > Me too, although I quite often find I can omit it altogether. For example, a graph title such as "Vyvoj urokovych sazeb" translates nicely as "Interest rates".
      > I think you have to be careful with "trend", as "vyvoj" can involve movements or fluctations without there being any discernable trend.
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