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49128[Czechlist] vyvoj akciovych trhu

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  • James Kirchner
    May 30 3:19 PM
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      Right now I'm editing a rather bad English text that has apparently been used to promote mutual funds managed by a major Czech financial institution. I would never invest in anything with a brochure written in that English.

      The translator apparently had a very large financial vocabulary but is missing most English collocations. He or she knows all the words, but doesn't know how we say anything.

      There are various things that stick out, but one of them is "vyvoj akciovych trhu", as in "pro vsechny opatrne investory, kteri by se radi podileli na vyvoji akciovych trhu".


      In reference to stock market activity, "vyvoj" almost always means "trend" or "trends". There are rare cases where it can be "development", but foreigners should avoid it, because knowing when to use "development" in relation to this topic is as hard as it is for a German to feel when it's OK to say "must".

      Thus, "podilet na vyvoji akciovych trhu" means "participate in stock market trends". An investor who wants to "participate in the development of stock markets" is centuries too late for that. Stock markets developed between the 13th and the 17th century, so that train has left the station.


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