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  • Matej Klimes
    May 2, 2012
      I'm only a non-NS, but I feel Madam is added there to avoid using
      chairwoman and still address the person as a woman... doesn't work in
      my case - or most cases in writing

      I decided for chairwoman because it's a Czech person and English
      readers may not guess she's a woman from just the name, anyway, wasn't
      that important

      Thanks again


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      Subject: Re: [Czechlist] Re: Predsedkyne predstavenstva
      > Maybe things will change Liz but "Madame Chairman" is nearly 4 times
      >more common than "Madame Chairwoman" according to Google hits (fairly
      >unscientific method but still...). I think the Canadian Deputy Speaker
      >is out on a bit of a limb.
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      >From: Liz
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      >Subject: [Czechlist] Re: Predsedkyne predstavenstva
      >- chairman or chairwoman noun (pl chairmen or chairwomen) 1 somebody
      >who presides over or heads a meeting, committee, organization....
      >- chairperson noun (pl chairpersons) a chairman or chairwoman
      >- womankind noun female human beings; women as a whole, esp as
      >distinguished from men.
      >My super-ancient Merriam-Webster offers only chairman, but I see
      >online they have
      >- chairwoman: a woman who serves as chairman
      >As to "Madam Chairman", here's a little entertainment from Canada:
      >- Liz
      >--- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Tomas Mosler" <tomas.mosler@...> wrote:
      >> Just out of curiosity - cannot be "-man" understood as a
      >universal/neutral form derived from the meaning of person/human,
      >rather than male? Just like we don't say mankind and womankind? :) Or
      >what makes the difference that "mankind" is still gender neutral?
      >> Tomas
      >> --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Liz" <spacils@> wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Hi Matej,
      >> >
      >> > IMO, consistency what's most important: either Chairman for males
      >and Chairwoman for females, OR Chairperson for all genders.
      >> >
      >> > Chairman for males and Chairperson for females makes my upper lip
      >> >
      >> > Another gender-neutral form, "Chair", is used widely (and
      >consistently) in academia.
      >> >
      >> > Someone once tried to explain to me that the -man in Chairman is
      >from the Latin "manus" (hand), making "Chairman" gender-neutral, but
      >that seems to be one of those popular urban myths...
      >> >
      >> > Cheers
      >> >
      >> > Liz
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