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  • Sabina Kralova
    Nov 7 7:48 AM
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      Hi Jamie,

      I suppose you translate a veterinary SPC? Snaska is a regular part of these
      texts. Even if not your first suggestion is correct.
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      Subject: [Czechlist] snasky

      I've got "snas^ka" in a text about a veterinary medication, but the
      substance is only intended for pigs.

      As far as I know, pigs don't lay eggs ("At least no news come out so far!"
      to quote the Chinese Miss Universe contestant speaking about men getting
      pregnant), so there are three other possibilities:

      1. The subtitle this appears in could be just a standard one used for any
      medication for any animal.
      2. "Snaska" here means ovulation.
      3. "Snaska" is intended to mean giving birth to a litter of piglets.

      Help would be appreciated.


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