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46893Re: [Czechlist] Urban dictionary, etc.

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  • Stephan von Pohl
    Aug 3, 2011
      > This is particularly
      > true with Americans in Generation X and younger who were largely raised
      > with impoverished vocabulary input (daycare where they're talking to
      > other kids and hardly ever to adults, dumbed-down literature in school,
      > etc.). I frequently find that people in that age group insist that
      > certain extremely common expressions "don't exist".

      Or vice versa: they might claim that something that they use is used by
      everyone. That's something I notice all the time on urbandictionary.com
      (whose contributors would appear to be neither Generation X nor Y, but
      whatever came after that)

      I don't deny the accuracy of the definition. I'm just saying that we
      never gave the creatures a name, per se. They were either sock-eaters or
      more commonly referred to like this: "looks like those little creatures
      ate my socks again". It's not a name (at least not in my circles) like
      "woodpecker" or "doberman".
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