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46863Re: [Czechlist] Creative translation contest: Lichoz^routi, Lichac^e

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  • James Kirchner
    Aug 3, 2011
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      Matej, this type of "being" already exists in American "folklore" and in the English language (at least in the US).

      Every American knows that there is a creature in every dryer called "the Sock Eater" that eats one sock in a pair and leaves the other one.

      So if you call these books/films simply "The Sock Eaters", every American will know immediately that it's about creatures who get into the laundry and eat just one sock from a pair.


      On Aug 3, 2011, at 7:01 AM, Matej Klimes wrote:

      > Hi there,
      > a client asked me to review/improve the English translation of a title
      > of a book/upcoming film...
      > It started life as a series of children books about weird 'beings' who
      > are responsible for the disappearance of single socks out of pairs of
      > socks..... now they are making it into a 3D animation, do a google text
      > and image search for Lichozrouti and you'll get the idea... the story
      > (and the aesthetics) are a bit of a KUKY rip-off by the looks of it..
      > Here's bits of text that explains the thing (hope diacritics come
      > through OK):
      > „...vždyť každému na světě se alespoň jednou ztratila ponožka!“
      > ...no řekni, není to téma na román?
      > Takhle jsem se před časem zeptala spisovatele Pavla Šruta,
      > když jsme za sebou měli už řadu společných, kritikou i čtenáři
      > uvítaných knih pro děti. A tak vznikli Lichožrouti, knižní bestseller, který posbíral řadu cen a zvedl vlnu
      > ohlasů na internetu i v knihovnách a na školách, jak jsme se osobně
      > mohli přesvědčit. Kdekdo měl ty „své“ lichožrouty doma a vyprávěl nám
      > tu „svou“ historku o ztracených ponožkách. Ten zájem si vynutil
      > i pokračování - Lichožrouti se vracejí. A také audioverzi Lichožroutů v podání Báry
      > Hrzánové.
      > Kniha se pro internacionální srozumitelnost tématu začala překládat do
      > cizích jazyků.
      > Všichni, včetně mne, chtěli o těch, kteří dělají z párů licháče, vědět
      > víc. A chtěli je vidět.
      > The books are by Pavel Srut and are apparently quite popular, they have
      > been translated (possibly by Srut himself, he's also a translator)...
      > AFAIK they've been using two translations of the title:
      > - the odd-sock eaters (IMHO that's a bit long, literal and 'unpoetic'),
      > but it says what they do... there's no poetry or mystique like in the
      > Czech title..
      > - the odd-eaters - I like this one better, but the meaning IMHO leans
      > toward 'divnozrouti' (odd being both lichy and divny), which I think
      > would be OK, except I checked it online and here's what come up, among
      > other things:
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy-ncbUPg-s
      > Now is that the meaning that first comes into native minds, or is the
      > word 'odd-eaters' sort of open-ended?
      > I must say I didn't get the full meaning of 'Lichozrouti' until I read
      > the text above... on its own, it sounds mysterious and poetic, but
      > doesn't give you the full idea of pairs of socks being parted...
      > To me, the first translation above is sort of boring, descriptive, too
      > long and too literal - not suited for a film title (plus the characters
      > will be called that in the film... I think something a little snappier
      > is needed)...
      > The second one is much better, it leaves things to imagination a little
      > - just as the Czech title does... but I'm worried about other
      > meanings/associations (why doesn't English have a word for an odd
      > number that doesn't also mean 'weird'?)...
      > Thanks for comments..
      > Of course if you get any ideas about other routes that could be taken
      > re: Lichoz^routi and Lichac^e (ex-pairs of socks that have become
      > halves/only the odd one remains [or is it the even one??], see
      > explanation above), I'm all ears...
      > Starting with 'uneven' for lichy (isn't that too
      > bookish/old-fashioned?).... could we do something like:
      > uneven-eaters
      > uneveners
      > unevenators
      > ???
      > Are there other words that could be used (impair????
      > impairers/unpairers)???
      > TIAVM for comments and suggestions
      > Matej
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