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46021Mystery brother?

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  • Charlie Stanford Translations
    Apr 29, 2011
      Hello listmates,
      Hopefully this will be blushmakingly obvious but I just need to check that I have not got the wrong end of the stick on something:

      Pan AB uznal mor�ln� pr�vo na ��st majetku po sv�m otci p� CB, kter� nemohla b�t podle z�kon� �esk� republiky ��astna restitu�n�ho ��zen�, jako jej� bratr, pro americkou st�tn� p��slu�nost a z tohoto d�vodu j� pan AB vyplatil 1/3 ��stky z�skan� z prodeje v��e uveden�ch nemovitosti.

      My problem is the jako jej� bratr - because to my mind it could mean that

      1. jako jej� bratr nemohla b�t ��astna .... - i.e. although Pan AB was entitled to restitution there is another brother who was not entitled to participate either

      2. nemohla b�t ��astna jako jej� bratr - she could not be ��astna jako jeji bratr [byl ucastnen].

      I am pretty sure that it must be 2 but is there any way of being completely certain without asking her how many brothers she has got?

      Thank you.


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