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45787Re: [Czechlist] Re: terminology and unclear sentences

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  • Matej Klimes
    Apr 1, 2011
      Awwright then, I suppose you can sail pinch the sails and mean pinch
      the boat - since the two are connected and steering the boat upwind
      turns the sails upwind as well (and gets them flapping)... it wouldn't
      be much use just hauling in the sails tight and still steering the
      original course, or hauling the sails in too tight (to the point of
      pulling them across to start flapping) while steering true...

      What I'm trying to say is that pinching is done by steering, the sails
      are already pulled in tight for upwind and then you steer the boat into
      the 'dead angle' just a little bit when you have a chance, without
      doing anything to the sails and taking care not to get the boat turned
      by the wind...

      I guess the main problem with that translation is that the only pirate
      tradition we have in Czech literature is based on Vltava and involves
      Primator Dittrich, a paddle steamer ..


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      >> You don't pinch sails (unless I suppose you pinch them from
      >> you pinch a boat - when sailing close-hauled
      >I am sure you are right. All the same, I wonder what this jolly Jack
      >Tar had in mind:
      >>suggested I call myself Captain Pinchy as I pinch the sails too much
      >when sailing on a close haul.
      >Or this one:
      >If it is important to get to windward as fast as possible, I will turn
      >on one engine and pinch the sails extremely close to the wind.
      >:-) And here is a special dedication for Matej:
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