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43715Re: [Czechlist] Doc. JUDr. and JUDr. Dr.

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  • Sarka Rubkova
    Aug 1, 2010
      The second means "John Conman, JD, PhD"
      And at the first one: "associate professor John Conman, JD, PhD"
      CSc is older equivalent of PhD. and doc. is a title at a university.


      -------Original Message-------

      From: James Kirchner
      Date: 31.7.2010 18:40:47
      To: Czechlist@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Czechlist] Doc. JUDr. and JUDr. Dr.

      I've got the letterhead of a private law firm here, and of course it's
      larded with many, many titles that would not appear with American lawyers'
      names, even if they had many different degrees.

      What I've got here looks like this:

      "Doc. JUDr. Jan Podvodník CSc. & JUDr. Lenka Podvodníková, Dr."

      It looks to me like a sign I used to see in front of a building that said:

      "Lewis Business College and Lewis College of Business"

      So what is the difference between being a "Doc. JUDr." and a "JUDr. Dr."?

      Since the guy's already a Dr. due to the JUDr. degree, I don't see why he'd
      call himself "Dr. Dr. Podvodník" unless he stutters. You only call yourself
      Dr. once in the States, if at all.

      Would the equivalent be:

      "John Conman, JD"


      "John Conman, JD, PhD"

      or neither of these?

      I could really use help with this, if anyone can provide it.

      Thank you.


      akad. mal. James Kirchner, mgr. jazykovedy

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