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43698Re[2]: [Czechlist] asistent CES-ENG

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  • Matej Klimes
    Jul 29 11:25 AM
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      AFAIK in CZ odborny asistent is a grad student doing the cviceni and
      other 'minor' educational tasks, no chance for assistant professor or
      lecturer then... can't remember what they were called in the US, the
      grad students who taught tutorials?? Tutor is an all encompassing term,
      but I'm sure there was a specific word??


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      > --- In mailto:Czechlist%40yahoogroups.com, Josef Hlavac <joe@...> wrote:
      >> How about "teaching assistant" or "research assistant" based on the
      >> predominant activity?
      >The old Poldauf dictionary includes "research assistant" among several
      >options for "odborny asistent" in the "vysokosk." category.
      >Prucha's Pedagogicky slovnik suggests assistant professor / lecturer.
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