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42060Re: [Czechlist] Advice: Mr. Novak

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  • Matej Klimes
    Feb 1, 2010
      Pana bych tam nedaval vubec... kdyz tak cele jmeno.. a to, kolikrat tam bude, zalezi na stylu a formulaci vet, ciste osobni preference, ale myslim, ze pokud to bude dobre a konzistentne, nikdo si stezovat nebude, me se teda klienti stezovali na kdeco, ale na to, kolikrat a kde je v zivotopise jmeno jeste nikdo..


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      From: Stanislav Zizka
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      Sent: Monday, February 01, 2010 3:16 PM
      Subject: [Czechlist] Advice: Mr. Novak

      Hello everybody,

      I have been translating a company website, in the directors' biographies section it is used "Mr." a lot as in:
      "From xx until yy, Mr. Novak served as Senior Vice President....."

      Would you stick with the original, i.e. "pan Novak pusobil ve funkci..." or, as we would normally say, leave his name out and say only "pusobil ve funkci..." as it is obvious that we refer to Mr. Novak from previous context... In the latter case the client may raise question why "Mr. Novak is not mentioned", I may need to make a note.

      My view is that we don't use "pan Novak" a lot unless we talk about the guy down the road... though not in relation to company directors....

      Thanks for your views,


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