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39250Revisited: CHAT: Is CR in the Central or Eastern Europe?

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  • kzgafas
    Feb 28, 2009
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      I myself think think that it is just fine for Czechs to consider
      themselves in Central Europe (here geopoolital and cultural term), and
      it also has historical justification. And it is just upon them, but it
      may need a long-term investmnent to push this concept into English
      language media.

      The issue of CE vs EE has returned to Britské listy in the last issue
      on www.blisty.cz and it has actually much more clearly revealed the
      point I wanted to show you. This point is how FURIOUS Jan Culik becomes
      when he persuades others that CR is not in CE, but it is in EE. Where
      does his furiousness come from?

      Here is what Jan Culik says in his webzine:

      Obavam se, ze vas nikdo moc nebude poslouchat. Na
      komplexy "Stredoevropanu" nikdo není zvedavy, nikdo tem drobnostem
      nerozumi. (To je asi jako kdyz Skot prijede do Londyna a zacne tam
      presvedcovat Anglicany, ze Skotove nejsou menecenny narod, a Anglicane
      na nej cumi, protoze nevedeli, ze Skoti mají vuci vnejsímu svetu jako
      maly narod komplex menecennosti.) A krome toho, bohuzel, budu cynicky:
      vy tu svou stiznost nikdo nedokážete napsat gramotnou anglictinou,
      bohuzel, coz bude pro príjemce vasich stizností v zapadni Evrope jen
      potvrzenim, ze Ceská republika skutecne je ve vychodni Evrope. :(
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