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38522Should be 'Reversed Culture Shock' - RE: [Czechlist] Re: stiff your upper lip

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  • Romana
    Jan 5, 2009
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      Hi Tanja,

      Yes, I found this thread very interesting and entertaining, too! If you want
      any more material, you are welcome to contact me directly at
      translators@..., and I will tell you my whole story. In short: Born
      in CZ to Czech parents, grown up in Austria and Germany from age of 7 (but
      always maintained close links to the CZ), found a new (the perfect) home in
      Australia at age 38 (year 2000). My apologies to all other readers, I wasn't
      able to find the way to contact Tanja directly. (Can't make any sense of
      your 'PS', dear Tanja, either.)

      Best regards,


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      Hi Jamie,

      I just recently joined this group and I looooved you "reversed culture
      shock" post! What a hoot!

      My name is Tanja I am Czech but have been living in the US for 11
      years now. I have a blog for Czech and Slovaks (or anyone who is
      interested in our culture) which helps people connect with their
      Czech/Slovak roots while living abroad. One of my categories is called
      the "Stories of others" (where Jana from this group contributes on
      regular basis ;) and your story would be a great addition!!! Can I
      post it please? It would be anonymous of course (unless you want it

      Thank you,


      PS: blog name is Czechmate Diary if you want to Czech it out

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