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38002Re: [Czechlist] help ces-eng Utvar ochrany prezidenta, arcibiskupstvi prazske, camary

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  • Helena Subrtova
    Nov 2, 2008
      Utvar ochr. prezidenta is a special police unit - to protect the president

      camara - additional info: in the text that I have it is mentioned that
      the Guard of Honour of the Slovak Republic have it on their uniforms.


      Maybe somebody from Slovakia could help.


      James Kirchner napsal(a):
      > On Nov 2, 2008, at 8:18 AM, Helena Subrtova wrote:
      > > Utvar ochrany prezidenta
      > If this is made up of cars, it's the presidential motorcade. If it's
      > men on foot, it's the president's security detail.
      > > arcibiskupstvi prazske?
      > The Archdiocese of Prague.
      > > camary - (c - with "hacek", it is something typical on the Slovak folk
      > > costume)
      > No idea. I'd have to see a picture, and Google is not helping. The
      > only picture that shows me anything leads me to believe we'd call it
      > braid.
      > Jamie

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