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36579Re: Dalsi predpoved pocasi :(

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  • Liz Spacilova
    Jun 1, 2008
      Hi Vera,

      > a chance for a little snow and sleet x a chance for a bit of snow and
      > sleet - vidi zde nekdo rozdil mezi "a little snow" a "a bit of snow"?

      Logically, no. Intuitively, little is less than bit. When the weather
      man in New England says "we could be in for a bit of snow!" I'd expect
      two to four inches (this is not a lot in our parts), but if he says
      "we could be in for a little snow!" then it will probably just be a

      > a cooling shower - prehanka doprovazena ochlazenim?

      Essentially yes - most likely used in combination with a hot day.

      > a couple of showers, mainly early - nekolik prehanek, hlavne v
      > casnych hodinach?/dopoledne???

      rano, ano

      > soaking showers - lijak? prudke prehanky???


      > drenching thunderstorm - velmi silna bourka?

      hrom + blesk + silne srazky (lijak)

      > moonlit sky - sviti mesic? mesic na obloze???

      jasna nocni obloha s mesicnim svitem?

      > refreshing breeze - prijemny? osvezujici vanek?

      ano - osvezujici, zrejme mineno mirny az cerstvy vitr

      > A shower around, mainly later - mistni prehanky?, prevazne v pozdnich
      > hodinach?

      later mineno odpoledne / vecer

      > thunderstorm in parts of the area x thunderstorm in spots - jak
      > odlisit "in parts of the area" a "in spots"?

      in spots is just in very small local areas and not so many -- just a
      few small spots on the weather map will get thunderstorms.
      I would understand parts of the area to mean that the thunderstorms
      will cover more area, regions will get thunderstorms rather than just
      a couple of villages.

      > thundershower - prehanka doprovazena hrmenim a blesky???

      ano - dest + hrom + blesk

      > ice storm - ???

      ledovka / mrznouci dest

      > blizzard conditions beginning -

      blizzard se preklada asi jako snehova vanice (hodne snehu + vitr), so
      this is the time when it is expected the weather will turn into a blizzard

      > chilly x cold - zima x chladno?

      chilly is not as cold as cold.

      > clouds and sun - oblacno??? nebo polojasno???

      skoro jasno, polojasno, muze byt i oblacno - rosnicka vlastne nevi a
      timto terminem to trefi stoprocetne :)

      > frost - radeji jako mraz? nebo jinovatka???

      spise jinovatka

      > K jeste k tem "flurries" - myslite, ze by slo "kratke snehove
      > prehanky"???

      Flurries really are just periods of short light snowfall, usually no
      accumulation at all or just a very thin dusting (jako cukr na
      koblizku). Maybe "velmi slabe, kratke snehove prehanky" if it is not
      too wordy in CZ.

      > Vsem znovu predem dekuji za ochotu.
      > Preji hezky den!
      > Vera

      A slunce v dusi :)

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