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  • Jan Culka
    Feb 1, 2008
      britches or breeches?

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      From: James Kirchner
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      On Feb 1, 2008, at 5:25 AM, Valerie Talacko wrote:

      > When do you call pants trousers, btw? (and a store a shop - I did
      > know this but have forgotten)

      We call trousers pans whenever we want to. There's no rule or
      particular time we do it. (What the British ESL books call "pants"
      are our underpants.) On rare occasions, we also use the word
      "britches", so when we say that a small child has "filled his britches".

      That whole bit about the vocabulary "differences" between British and
      American English is bogus at least 50% of the time. Those lists
      usually contain differences that don't exist, and they don't list
      differences that do exist. I always wonder who creates them. After
      reading those lists all my life, imagine my surprise when I went to
      the UK and saw things being sold in "cans". (We usually call an
      elegant, decorated can a tin, by the way.)

      In the US, you occasionally (but rarely) get a list like that where
      the term that's claimed to be "British" is really cockney rhyming
      slang. There's no explanation. They just say the weird term is


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