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35175Re: [Czechlist] TER: rescue medication

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  • James Kirchner
    Jan 1, 2008
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      We usually hear about rescue medications in regard to asthma. Here is
      a page that explains those. It may give you some ideas.

      > Rescue medications, also called quick-relief or fast-acting
      > medications, work immediately to relieve asthma symptoms when they
      > occur. These types of medicines are often inhaled directly into the
      > lungs, where they open up the airways and relieve symptoms such as
      > wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath, often within minutes.
      > But as effective as they are, rescue medications don't have a long-
      > term effect.

      These medications are not just "podpurny" or "doplnkovy". They really
      are for the purpose of rescuing someone who is in serious trouble of
      grave medical problems or even death if they don't get some kind of
      quick relief.


      On Jan 1, 2008, at 11:26 PM, kzgafas wrote:

      > Nevite nekdo, jak vhodne prelozit rescue v tomto kontextu? Jedna se o
      > schvaleny a zavedeny lek, ktery se poda pacientovi, kdyz na nej
      > nepusobi lek, ktery se mu podava v ramci klinicke studie. Napr. pri
      > testovani neznameho leku proti hypertenzi se v pripade nepusobeni
      > tohoto leku zacne podavat schvaleny a provereny lek (rescue
      > medication)
      > proti hypertenzi, aby se pacientovi nezacal zvedat krevni tlak jen
      > proto, ze se na nem zkousi novy lek, ktery nefunguje, jak by mel. Jak
      > ale prelozit rescue? "Zachranny" mi nejak nesedi. "Pomocny" take ne.
      > Uvazoval jsem o "zalozni". ale to je prilis vzdalene od puvodniho
      > slova, ikdyz to vyznamove docela sedi. nenapada Vas neco lepsiho?
      > Diky,
      > K.

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