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  • Matej Klimes
    Nov 27, 2007
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      Yes, in a DIY context and floors, slope is perfectly OK, in a construction context, tech reports don't usually say grade the floor, they'll say something like the floor should have a minimum grade of xxx etc. I thought you were asking about a sewer line... could be wrong, but "to slope a pipe" sounds like something I've yet to see in a technical report..

      BTW - my posts that showed up just now were written yesterday and the day before, I seem to be on a delayed mode for some reason.. and more are coming, probably mimo misu by now


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      On Nov 26, 2007, at 7:50 AM, Matej Klimes wrote:

      > I think you're safe with a grade in this context, if I say so myself
      > as a
      > non-NS, seen it in many technical texts, in fact, I think slope is a
      > little
      > less technical, something engineers would sneer at as layman's
      > language :) -
      > not that there's usually anything wrong with layman's terms, but
      > certain
      > texts sound better with certain terms.

      In a web search, I found several thousand incidences of "slope the
      floor", the most prominent of which were in somewhat technical
      documents and referred to the same process I was talking about. Many
      of them talked about "sloping the floor" to allow drainage.

      When I searched for "grade the floor", I got many more hits, but they
      generally had nothing to do with vyspadovani, and most had punctuation
      intervening, such as "grade, the floor" or "grade. The floor".

      So I figured I was okay with "slope" in this context.


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