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33268Re: [Czechlist] [TERM] Konkurencni nebo konkurenceshopna cena?

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  • James Kirchner
    Mar 28, 2007
      To further snarl this up, "competitive" in some business texts is
      used with two very different meanings, sometimes even in different
      parts of the same text, so you first have to establish what they're

      "Competitive price" could mean konkurenceschopna cena, or it could
      mean cena konkurence (the competitor's price). You could get
      something like, "We sell this product at a competitive price,"
      meaning that the price is "cenove vyhodna", and somewhere else you
      might find something like, "Our price is lower than the competitive
      price," (nez cena konkurence). It would make more sense in English
      to say the price is lower than *competing* prices, but for some
      reason business likes that word "competitive".

      This shows up also with the word "offer". "We're making a
      competitive offer," i.e., cenove vyhodna, versus, "We'll match any
      competitive offer," meaning we'll match any offer from one of our

      Car models too. "Detroit's problem is that it doesn't produce
      competitive models," meaning konkurenceschopne, versus, "It has more
      passenger room than competitive models," meaning models made by
      competitors. Again, in the second sentence it would make more sense
      to say "competing models", but that's not always what they say.


      On Mar 28, 2007, at 5:07 PM, Martin Janda wrote:

      > Konkurencni cena je spatny, i kdyz hojne rozsireny preklad.
      > Konkurencni
      > je tak leda prostredi - a prisne vzato by konkurencni cena mela byt
      > spis
      > cena, kterou uctuje konkurence.
      > Konkurenceschopna je spravne, ale je to dost neohrabane. Takze se to
      > snazim, pokud to jen trochu jde, nejak opsat.
      > Martin
      > tomas_barendregt napsal(a):
      > > Mili kolegove,
      > >
      > > kteremu z vyse uvedenych vyrazu davate prednost jakozto
      > > prekladu "competitive price"?
      > >
      > > Diky,
      > >
      > > Tom
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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