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  • coilinoc
    Oct 31, 2006
      Hi there,
      I've run into a few problematic menu items again, and I was hoping
      some Czech foodies might be kind enough to help me out :-)

      ceska klasika moderne - I presume this means something like "a
      traditional Bohemian meal prepared in a modern way" but I was
      wondering if anyone can think of anything snappier

      Medailonky z panenske svickove - are these pork tenderloin medallions?

      lite palacinky - not quite sure what lita is supposed to mean here

      platky z kurete smazene v trojobalu stouchane brambory s opekanou
      cibuli a kminem - I presume that "v trojobalu" means breaded and not
      battered, and that "kmin" here means caraway seed and not cumin?

      STAROCESKE LOKSE S UZENYM MASEM - I have no idea what "lokse" is
      supposed to mean :-( (fwiw there's a hacek over the s)

      placky z brambor, kysaneho zeli a mouky opekane na tale (does opekane
      na tale mean something like baked on a hotplate?)

      peèené oháòky na prima obiracku (I have no idea what "prima obiracka"
      is supposed to mean and would be very grateful for an explanation.
      Also do Czechs really eat pigs' tails?)

      tou - fu s pecenou ryzi, svestkovou omackou a mladymi vyhonky (are
      these mlady vyhonky bean sprouts or young bamboo shoots?)

      200g filetu na arasidovem oleji, fenyklove luzko se smetanou a bilym
      peprem - any idea what the fillet (cooked) in peanut oil is (i.e.
      beef, pork, etc.)

      hovezi svickove s grilovanou slaninou, toustem a pecenym vejcem - any
      idea what kind of egg this is? I've never heard of baked or roasted egg...

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