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32066Re: [Czechlist] Please recommend a rotten website

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  • James Kirchner
    Oct 13 4:22 AM
      Yes, that was the site. The reason my students thought was nearly
      unintelligible was the thick, pompous Slavic-tinged syntax combined
      with bad grammar and odd turns of phrase. It's enough to wrestle
      with one of those defects, but to try to deal with all three at the
      same time taxes the reader too much and causes comprehension
      problems. Look at this, for example:

      > The introduction of the OREA ACADEMY educational projects is a road
      > on which we would like to share with you and your colleagues our
      > experience with the development of the OREA HOTELS employees and
      > thus to contribute to the general improvement of the standard of
      > services rendered in the Czech Republic � the member of the
      > European Union.
      The sentence is a massive snake, the word order is weird, it starts
      with a strange metaphor... How much time and energy should a reader
      be expected to spend analyzing something like that? That assumes a
      tremendous amount of goodwill, which people don't have.

      Another problem is that the page never really seems to get to the
      point, so the reader is never quite sure if the facility is a
      language school, a remedial training program, some kind of punishment
      cell for employees who've made mistakes or what.

      Lastly, if a company is running an English school, shouldn't its page
      be in good English? If it's not, then people will just laugh and
      move on.

      Who is this "English" page communicating to? If it's meant to tell
      its story to English speakers, it utterly fails. If it's meant to
      attract people who speak a little English but want to improve, it
      likewise fails, because those people won't be able to dissect the
      language in order to understand it. If it's meant to impress Czechs
      with the fact that the company has English verbiage on the web, then
      that's about the only purpose the page could serve.


      On Oct 13, 2006, at 2:42 AM, Terminus Technicus wrote:

      > The hit of the night was the web page for an English language school
      > run by the Orea hotel chain, because it was in nearly unintelligible
      > English.
      > Did you mean this one?:
      > http://www.orea.cz/Default.aspx?server=3§ion=20024&article=90
      > It's definitely not very brisk, a typical example of blah blah-
      > style pompous
      > kind of marketing material that sort of works in Czech because it
      > (Czech) is
      > so formal, but when translated without necessary changes, it's almost
      > putting you off. I still think it's well above the average as far
      > as website
      > translations (I'm not saying localisations because they're not),
      > though.. I
      > can see long and complicated sentence structures, bad articles, bad
      > wordorder, some questionable terminology, but overall, I would
      > classify it
      > as heavy-going, but OK to understand if one wants to (which of course
      > shouldn't be the case with marketing materials).
      > Can you explain why your students and you thought it
      > unintelligible? - If
      > you were looking at the same page, that is..
      > Thanks
      > Matej

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