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31706Re: [Czechlist] Comparative word counts

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  • Michael Trittipo
    Aug 1, 2006
      Martin's invocation of the direction as important (because of
      overtranslation, sometimes) bears investigating. One English
      translation of Valka s mloky has 87607 words and 499353 characters
      according to OOo Writer, but that includes some extra "credit"
      paragraphs extraneous to the work and a table of contents and so on that
      I didn't delete. A Czech download seems to have 349683 characters and
      67083 words, according to Textmaker. So that expansion was in the Cz>En
      direction (even discounting a bit for what I should have deleted).
      There must be downloadable, countable versions of other texts, going in
      both directions: say, The Hobbit, or R.U.R., or The Oxbow Incident
      (which I have in Czech), or some Dickens, etc., that would provide some
      useful corpora for the comparison, with direction of translation known.
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