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31704Re: [Czechlist] Comparative word counts

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  • Martin Janda
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Not sure about generally accepted figures but I guess these two things
      may vary a lot - most of my target Czech texts are about 10% shorter
      than the source text, but I vaguely recall that in times when I was
      working into English, the resulting texts were at least the same size
      but mostly a bit longer than the source. I guess it has often much to
      do with language/writing skills - those who are less gifted in creative
      writing (even if writing in their mother tongue) tend to need longer
      phrases to tell their message. (Now, this was a long phrase, wasn't it?

      But yes, there is a myth shared by at least some Czech agencies that a
      translation has to be about 10% longer (probably because they are
      working with poor translators only).


      > 1. Comparative word counts
      > Posted by: "James Kirchner" jpklists@... kirchnerjk
      > Date: Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:27 pm (PDT)
      > Someone has contacted me (and probably some of you) to find out if
      > there's any typical ratio that can be used as a rule of thumb for
      > estimating the probable word count in a Czech-to-English translation
      > and an English-to-Czech translation.
      > Does anybody know of something like that? All I could tell her was
      > that my English usually comes out about 25 percent shorter than the
      > original Czech, IF the Czech formality level is inappropriate for
      > English.
      > Does anybody have any generally accepted numbers?
      > Thanks.
      > Jamie
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