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31508Re: Where is the Wordfast guy?

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  • Amir
    Jul 2, 2006
      Ja sem taky zkusil google a na proz sem nasel:

      Using Wordfast (latest) on Mac OSX Panther, and I cannot get it to
      shrink or expand segments, either with keystrokes (Alt+pageUp, etc.)
      or the buttons. I just hear an error sound and nothing happens. Any

      The manual says substitute "Control" for "Alt" when using a Mac, but
      I can do Alt+Down to validate a segment just fine.

      What I can't do is skip to another segment or shrink or expand a
      segment. Please help!

      Zkousel si Control?

      > Jamie,
      > Yves Champollion na svem Macu klavesu Alt asi ma. Bezne ji uvadi v
      > Manualu u klavesovych zkratek, kdyz se lisi klavesove zkratky Win a
      > Macu.
      > Zkusil jsem Google
      > http://www.google.com/search?
      > hl=en&q=MacIntosh+keyboard+Alt&btnG=Google+Search
      > Uvadi se zde mimo jine, ze ruzne verze MACu maji ruzne verze
      > klavesnice. Zeptam se v anglicke diskuzni skupine, ma vice
      > a odpovim Ti privatne.
      > Pokud ma MAC klavesu Alt, mozna je pouze konktetni zkratka v
      > vyhraza v jinem bezicim programu pro jinou cinnost.
      > Milan
      > > Jirka, because I'm using Wordfast on a Mac, and there's no Alt
      > key.
      > > I'm trying to add terminology to a glossary, and I can't figure
      > > which key is used instead of Alt. The Option key doesn't seem to
      > do
      > > the trick.
      > >
      > > Jamie
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