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31284TERM: Lever type dial test indicator (DTI)

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  • notime_likepresent
    Jun 1 2:34 PM
      Can anybody help with this term please? The whole thing goes:
      Lever type dial test indicator (DTI) graduated 0.002mm
      I don't have any context, it's in a list of things needed for
      dismantling a piece of equipment. I have searched high and low for the
      correct Czech translation but no joy. Here is a link to a website
      giving you a very good explanation of the term. Hopefully you can help
      me find a Czech equivalent.


      And while you are at it, I just can't think of the Czech word for lint-
      free. It's on the tip of my tongue but its not about to roll off any
      time soon.

      Many, many thanks
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