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31Re: Glossaries

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    Nov 17, 1999
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      >Another night owl like myself, I see!

      To wit, you too

      >Re. the glossaries: I hadn't seen the one on church institutions. Do you
      >have any details?

      Anglicko-cesky teologicky slovnik - Vydavatelstvi Karolinum - one of those
      in stapled booklet form available a couple of months ago at the university
      bookshop on Jan Palach Square and it does have a list of personal names such
      as Simon Horlivec and Juda Makabejsky but I'm afraid your Nilo is too
      obscure for it. I find it handy for church names with assumptions and
      ascensions and stuff...I can bring it along when we meet up in the near

      >A more general question: does anyone know where I can get hold a C->E
      >dictionary for *geology*? I would kill (murder/commit homicide) for one...

      Don't reckon there is one. Anybody know any better?

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