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  • Helga Listen
    Feb 1, 2006
      Strange. Does that then mean, that the official name of USA is �The United
      states of America�? As far as I know the article is used for this country.
      Same question for Netherlands (and maybe some others too).

      Also, how come, the official name of this country is Ukraine (spelling and
      use of article). I do not speak their language, but I do have a feeling,
      that their official writing is Cyrillic, which means the Latin wording
      Ukraine is a transcript only, not an official name. Further one would need
      to know whether or not their language uses articles or not. Only based on
      this knowledge you can actually decide whether or not an article is

      It is weird, but I do have a problem with Ukraine without �the�. In English
      I do not have a problem with the �missing� article in Switzerland, Slovakia,
      Turkey and some other countries (even though they carry an article in
      German), but for the Ukraine my (non native speaker) feeling tells me that
      there is �something missing�.

      Can any of the English NSs tell us a little more about the usage of articles
      in connection with country names?



      From: Czechlist@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Czechlist@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf
      Of coilinoc
      > It's permissible to write "the Ukraine". In the Oxford American
      > dictionary I've just looked it up in, it's not listed as the most
      > common way to refer to the country, but it's allowed.

      Technically, it's not any more. It was ok to use the article when it
      was a region of the USSR, which is why many native English speakers of
      a certain age (including myself) feel it more natural to say "the

      Since it's become a country, however, its official name is
      just "Ukraine." I know for a fact that many media outlets (such as
      the BBC) insist on this usage and editors will nix the article if it's
      in any submissions to them.


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