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28999Re: Dollars; plus a LINK

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  • Jan Vanek jr.
    Nov 30, 2005
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      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "coilinoc" <coilinoc@y...> wrote:

      > how much an
      > amount made in the past would be worth in "today's money." It's
      > pretty common to say things like XXX made over 10 million USD in
      > 1956, which would be worth nearly a billion today, etc....

      Which reminds me, does anybody know where to find a table for such
      conversions of USD (though GBP might be handy as well) purchasing
      power through time since, say, 1920es, but the longer and more
      detailed the better? The best I recall was a graph at the endpaper of
      Samuelson & Nordhaus's Ekonomie, but I never googled too deep and
      obviously there MUST be something...

      Jan Vanek jr.

      BTW, a friend recently drew my attention to this:
      http://pdata.webpark.cz and especially
      http://pdata.webpark.cz/dokumenty/prekladatelstvi.doc in the
      section "Uzitecne informace pro jazykovou praxi". His comment
      is "Nasel jsem to nahodou pøi googlovani - jsou to rady stareho
      praktika. Graficka uprava ovsem otresna." For me, the flashing
      colours, length and current lack of time preclude anything deeper
      than skimming, with the resulting feel that "nepretrzita 49leta
      cinnost v oboru" brings certain moaning about fallen-ness (sp?) of
      the world (cf. some articles in JTP publications or _fejetony_ by
      Ivan Klima); and anyway not being a _praktik_ I can't really
      appreciate or even judge it. But those who are might be interested.

      Sorry if it has been brought up before.
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