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28973Re: [Czechlist] Dollars

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  • Martin Janda
    Nov 29, 2005
      I guess the story happend a long time ago, while it was narrated in 1995
      - so they've just converted the then-dollar amount to the today's (or
      1999's) purchase power. In other words, a cup of coffe costed 15 cents
      in 1935 but 2 bucks in 1999 (a fictious figure), so 15 cents of 1935
      would make 2 bucks in 1999 dollars.


      Zuzana Kočičková wrote:

      >I do not know what the expression in brackets exactly means. Can you help me?
      > By the end of their first year, they earned enough to pay themselves annual salaries of about $12000 each (about $65000 in 1999 dollars)
      >Thanks a lot
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