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28415Re: [Czechlist] Czech korunas versus Czech crowns

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  • Michael Trittipo
    Oct 5, 2005
      Petr Veselý wrote:
      > 360 korunas . . .
      > 15,000 hits. . . . crowns . . . still prevail (80,000 hits)?

      Those numbers need to be trimmed a bit to reflect who
      is behind the pages. If you do a search on

      "czech korunas" site:.edu

      in order to restrict it to academic pages, the count
      drops to 28, bs. 270 for

      "czech crowns" site:.edu

      and the imbalance is even more striking if one uses
      site:.us instead of site:.edu: 3 with the "korunas"
      form, and 1,890 with the "crowns" form. A lot of those
      other hits have to come from .com, .int, .pl, etc.
      sites that are less likely than .edu and .us ones to be
      written by native anglophones.
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