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  • Terminus Technicus
    Oct 2, 2005
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      I think I'm going to defend Jamie here (alth' there were/are times I
      wouldn't hesitate to do the exact opposite...)

      I don't see the point of flashing all those things in front and behind one's
      name in Czech (I do have two potential ones I could use if I wanted, in
      fact, I learned to use at least one when dealing with "urady" and doctors,
      don't ask me why, but it really does make a difference)... and trying to
      force them on Eng native speakers where they have no meaning is pure

      Is it only us and German-speaking countries who are so obsessive about these
      things? (could have something to do with the old C&K then)..

      Come on, Kostas, if Czech was a global language, or even if it isn't, we
      wouldn't be happy about someone literaly translating things that don't exist
      in Czech culture/life/usage... and insist on them being there even when told
      it makes the sentence/document sound stupid... can't think of an example
      right now, but I'm sure there would be plenty...

      Interestingly enough, we've just submitted a translation of a dodgy
      banking/financial group whose ten basic big shots present on every Bod and
      Supervisory board all had three tittles to their name, and two (!) even used
      jr. behind their name (as if the possibility of confusing "Mgr. Ing. Jan
      Krakora Dr. Sc., MBA" with anyone else in his family wasn't pretty damn thin
      as it is...) - the translator (Brit Eng native) decided to do a clean cut
      and dropped EVERY single title, I must admit the list of names in the target
      segments looked very unimpressive all of a sudden, I must be sub-consciously
      indoctrinated :) I'm expecting to have to do some explaining (to the now
      "title-less" bankres, and perhaps the website content people as well)

      I'm all in favour of dropping here, unless the text is actually about
      someone's academic achievements, or the dropping would change its meaning in
      any way, of course, but I personally don't need to know if the rich bastard
      who buys a new Porsche every other year using what I pay his company for
      keeping MY money had previously earned/purchased some odd-sounding and
      ill-combined collection of titles...

      ... and yes, (Petr, was it?) I do think it's another Commie relic (unless of
      course it does go back to the old Empire)

      Ing. Matej

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      Subject: [Czechlist] Re: Term:Doc. MUDr. CSc.

      Such explanation of titles is an interesting example of phenomena I
      would call as "an abusive stage of cultural ambassadorship". :-)


      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, James Kirchner <jpklists@s...>
      > You sometimes do find people in the US with names officially
      > as "Joe Shmoe, M.D., Ph.D." I also happen to have known in my
      life a
      > "Joe Shmoe, M.D., J.D.", which would mean he's "MUDr. JUDr."
      There is
      > nothing wrong with translating MUDr. as MD and JUDr. as JD, and
      > things, as far as I know.
      > There is also the problem of excessive titles used in Czech that
      > to be trimmed down for English, so that they won't sound comical.
      > once saw a Czech man's name rendered as something to the effect
      of "Dr.
      > Prof. Ing. Jan Hajzlík, CSc." Translating all these titles into
      > English would produce an absolutely ridiculous impression, and
      only the
      > highest, most prestigious one should be used. In fact, there's
      > currently a popular series of novels in English that makes fun of
      > phenomenon of serial academic titles. The characters are European
      > intellectuals, and the main protagonist is "Prof. Dr. Dr. von
      > and his mentor, if I have it right, is "Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr.
      > The other problem is what to do about titles that don't exist in
      > English. I generally leave "Ing." out, because 99 percent of
      > English-speaking readers don't know what it means. A couple of
      > I've done pieces where the inzenyrs themselves got upset with this
      > insisted the title nonetheless precede their names. I said
      > to the effect of, "Okay, but people here are going to think that
      > Czech men are named Ignac." Life imitates humor, and a year or
      > later I met some intelligent, cultured anglophones who really had
      > assumed that "Ing." was the abbreviation of the men's Christian
      > and that their real first name was their middle name.
      > And whatever you do, if you're translating from Hungarian into
      > don't write the guy's name as "Shmoe Joe Professor Doctor
      Mister". :-)
      > Jamie
      > On Saturday, October 1, 2005, at 05:48 PM, kzgafas wrote:
      > > I do not see anything stupid in translating MUDr as MD and CSc
      as PhD.
      > > (Jan Novak, M.D., Ph.D.) I think if we agree on the English as
      > > international language, then titles should be standardized
      > > into English) for the sake of international communication.
      > > Even Doc. may well fit with Prof., but it depends on the
      > >
      > > K.
      > >
      > > --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Amir" <amir.z@s...> wrote:
      > > > Hi .. I am translating a discharge report, which contains some
      > > > of the doctors. I feel quite uncomfortable about rewriting
      the "Doc.
      > > > MUDr. CSc." etc. into something like "associate professor ....
      > > > PhD" - sounds quite stupid to me. Should I leave it as it is or
      > > > translate?
      > > >
      > > > TIA Amir
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