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  • valerietalacko
    Sep 22, 2005
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      After browsing the very interesting archives, I've joined the group.
      I was a translator from 1993-98, when I worked at the Czech News
      Agency and also freelanced, predominantly in film, history, art and
      theatre (it helped that my day job either started or ended at 2.30,
      depending on the week!). In 1998 I returned to the UK and became a
      research analyst, only translating occasionally. I've just come back
      to the Czech Republic, and would like to start translating again.

      Although I continued to read Czech - books and online - in the UK,
      some new jargon must have passed me by in the last few years
      (although online forums have helped keep up to date with slang!).
      Moreover, there have been some significant technological
      developments (the internet had only just taken off in 1998...) I'm
      finding all sorts of useful websites - including the abbreviations
      dictionary which someone kindly posted on here - but which post-98
      facilities would you single out in particular?!


      (BTW, Talacko is my married name - I was Valerie Mason before 2004,
      in case I met anyone who's on on here...)
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