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27543Re: [Czechlist] Re: "ceska krasna kniha"???? - Spolek Hollar

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  • James Kirchner
    Jul 5 3:24 AM
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      On Tuesday, July 5, 2005, at 03:10 AM, spektrum2002 wrote:

      > (Nez se ozvou NSs):
      > Jelikoz v anglickem slovniku se "belles-lettres" vyklada jako "fine
      > literature",

      I can't imagine that collocation "fine literature" actually being used;
      it sounds foreign, like Czenglish or something. "Belles-lettres" would
      be one correct term. I think that for contemporary works, the
      publishing industry here uses the term "art fiction" in contrast to the
      term "popular fiction".

      > pouzil bych neco jako "Czech Fine Books".

      I don't think that sounds English. You could say something like "Czech
      belles-lettres", if you wanted to sound a little too high-class. The
      thing is that in American bookstores (I don't remember about the
      British ones) the section that in the CR is called "krasna literatura"
      is simply called "literature". So in the anglophone mind, the term
      "Czech literature" means "ceska krasna literatura". If you want to
      make sure it's krasná and not just reading material (which the word
      literature can also mean in English), you could refer to a "ceska
      krasna kniha" as "a work of Czech literature" or "a Czech literary

      > Cizactvi bych opsal ve smyslu "something alien to the Czech national
      > spirit".

      So it is a sort of xenophobic term. How about "alien influences"?


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