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2634Re: [Czechlist] quiche, silverware

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  • Lindsay Lockyer
    Oct 3, 2000
      >Jamie wrote:
      >In normal usage, I always understood cutlery to be cutting utensils and
      >combined with forks, spoons and other implements it is usually called
      >"tableware". I insist that this is normal US usage. Of course, there is
      >also "flatware".

      I haven't heard of flatware. What is it? Something flat? Like a plate?
      By tableware, I would think you were meaning all knives, forks, spoons and
      crockery ... and teapots and coffeepots: in fact anything that goes on a
      table. As for cutlery, if we're going to be ever so, *ever so* strict about
      it then a cutler deals with blades, not merely knives, so cutlery covers any
      blade: knives, swords, daggers, axes, machetes, halberds etc. However, your
      average person on the street (here) would understand cutlery to be knives,
      forks, spoons and so on. Now I shall bear in mind all you have said so I
      don't show myself up if I take a holiday in the US.

      : )

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