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26125Re: [Czechlist] TERMS: driving licence

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  • Petr Veselý
    Mar 1, 2005
      From: "kzgafas" <kzgafas@...>
      > Hi all:
      > I would like to ask you to help me with the following terms. They
      > all regard to driving licence (document). Each term is followed by a
      > line or two of context. Please provide me with the Czech term or an
      > Eng or Czech explanation. Thank you,
      > K.
      > impression
      > (I need a faithfull word: tisk?, napis?)
      > Cntxt: Black impression on page 4: For All Categories
      ja bych to videl na "razitko"

      > canvas
      > smooth canvas paper or paper-like materials
      s timhle neporadim, ale predstavil bych si pod tim tu zpevnenou prvni a
      posledni stranku pasu, nebo jeste lepe hodne stare obcanky

      > advantage seal
      > plastic coat contains the advantage seal of greenish colouring in
      > the form of coat of arms

      to by mohl byt "reliefni tisk", napr. statniho znaku na pasech

      > bourdon text
      > pink paper with bourdon text

      nemysli tim text barvy bordó?
      > wet stamp
      > and use of wet stamp to secure the photograph

      asi "vodoznak" (try googling for fotografie a vodoznak)

      HTH Petr
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