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26101TERM: legacy job

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  • Hana Jarolímová
    Feb 28, 2005

      omlouvam se, ze narusuji diskusi o procentech, ale potrebovala bych
      poradit: Prekladam manual k tiskarne. Ve vysvetleni k hlasce "Incorrect
      Foil !" je uvedeno "The inserted foil doesn't match the foil in the job.
      This message is displayed only for a legacy job. Pressing F1, OK allows
      the incorrect foil to be used. Pressing F3, CANCEL returns to the FOIL
      MENU. Either insert a cassette with the correct foil or continue with
      the incorrect foil. Since this is a legacy job, no substitution is

      Co tady to "legacy" znamena?
      Diky moc
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