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2587Re: quiche, silverware

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  • jpelka@seznam.cz
    Oct 2, 2000
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      --- In Czechlist@egroups.com, JPKIRCHNER@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 10/2/00 11:12:06 AM, lindsaylockyer@h... writes:
      > >If you wanted to buy a box of knives, forks, spoons etc it would
      just be
      > >called a set of cutlery, not "cutlery with forks and spoons thrown
      > > My dictionary says "knives, forks and spoons for domestic use".
      > In normal usage, I always understood cutlery to be cutting utensils
      and when
      > combined with forks, spoons and other implements it is usually
      > "tableware". I insist that this is normal US usage. Of course,
      there is
      > also "flatware".
      > JK

      To make it more topic and interesting, in my EU document, there was
      an item called
      "Cutlery, flatware, and silverware".

      Very interesting discussion, indeed, guys (and girls?).

      Jirka P.

      PS Another Q. - does "guys" include "girls", too (as I assume), or,
      in order to be PC (politically correct), one has to say "guys and
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