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2577Re: [Czechlist] cock-ups and ova's

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  • JPKIRCHNER@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2000
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      In a message dated 10/2/00 10:41:48 AM, michalginter@... writes:

      >We should drop the whole "ova" thing in Czech. As my little
      >act of defiance, I never add "ova" to names of non-Czech women; I
      >decline the first name and leave the surname as it is. I don't care
      >what the books say. I've been very consistent both in written
      >translations and in interpreting (including CT, Nova and Prima) and
      >nobody has complained yet. What do you guys think?

      So, what does the average Czech do with names like Judy and Jennifer, let
      alone Megan and some others that can sound masculine to Slavs without any
      -ová on the end of the surname. Of course, they can figure it out from verb
      endings, etc., but there can be some situations where they can't tell.

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