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2573Re: [Czechlist] quiche, silverware

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  • Lindsay Lockyer
    Oct 2 8:10 AM
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      >Subject: Re: [Czechlist] quiche, silverware
      >Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 08:06:50 EDT

      If you wanted to buy a box of knives, forks, spoons etc it would just be
      called a set of cutlery, not "cutlery with forks and spoons thrown in". My
      dictionary says "knives, forks and spoons for domestic use".


      >Cutlery is generally used to mean cutting utensils. Webster's New World
      >includes spoons in its secondary definition of cutlery, but when I think of
      >cutlery I never think of spoons or forks. A set of cutlery would mean a
      >of varying types of knives. No spoons or forks.

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