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24627Help: "ze sveho" and one or two other terms

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  • coilinoc
    Nov 30, 2004
      Hi there folks!
      I was wondering if you could help me with the following sentence:

      Pro pripad, ze by nekdo vuci kupujicim uplatnoval jakoukoliv
      pohledavku, ci jine pravo pred prevodem vlastnickeho prava podle
      teto kupni smlouvy spojene s vlastnictvim k prevadenym podilum na
      techto nemovitostech, prodavajici se zavazuji, ze pohledavku zaplati
      ci jine pravo uspokoji ze sveho a dale, ze kupijicim uhradi vznikle

      Specifically, I'm not precisely sure what "ze sveho" means here. Is
      there a word missing or is it perhaps a fixed expression
      meaning "from one's own resources/funds" or something?

      Also, do you know what a "nosna cast" might be in this context?

      Aktiva spolecnosti predstavuji prevazne nemovity majetek, jehoz
      podstatnou a nosnou cast tvori hotely provozovane dcerinou
      spolecnosti (perhaps "productive part"?)

      Finally, would I be right in assuming that a "koncernova spolecnost"
      is a "holding company"?

      Many thanks in advance and best regards
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