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  • jpelka@seznam.cz
    Sep 21, 2000
      C'mon all you new members. Write in and tell
      > us about yourselves.
      Hi Melvyn and other curious guys (remember that "curiosity killed the
      cat"? and how would we say it in Czech - ????)

      - I am couple of weeks fresh member of Czechlist (ještě mi
      doma svítí
      monitor bez Czechlistu, Czechlist is on my office desk only), forty-
      something, bespectacled, beardy (just shaved recently but it grows
      quick...:-), 5-11, 200, (not gonna tell you my SSN), single (two
      adult kids living with my ex), US naturalized and Czech born citizen,
      had and has been living in Prague (10, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4) 1973-79, 1985-
      1987, 1999-???, formerly free-lance, now in-house
      translator/reviewer/editor (English>Czech), likes Belgian beer (when
      in Belgium), and Czech beer (when in "Czecho"), likes whole lot of
      other many things, among them tea with sugar, lemon and rum or
      sliwowitz now when feeling having a bad cold, soccer (whether my guys
      are winning or not), English on premises and at home, David Lynch,
      Rainer Fassbinder (correct my spelling) and John Waters and off-
      Hollywood movies, Nicolas Cage,
      and more...

      (Let us talk about other stuff at Buffalo Bar - Bar u Buvola).

      Jirka P. (P for /"Cinderella in Czech" minus "Po"/ = ??? - do you
      like riddles, guys?)
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