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24329Re: [Czechlist] Off-topic: Czech view of Bush

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  • James Kirchner
    Nov 6, 2004
      On Saturday, November 6, 2004, at 03:04 PM, Michael Grant wrote:

      > On Thu, 4 Nov 2004 21:12:37 -0500, James Kirchner
      > <jpklists@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I can't tell you the answer to that, of course, but you brought back
      > an
      > > interesting memory.  A friend of mine who graduated from the
      > gymnazium
      > > around 1988 told me a few years ago that a downward age gap of just
      > > three years or so was enough to wash away the memory of communist
      > > tyranny and turn kids into standard MTV Euro-lefties.
      > Sure, and everyone knows what Stalinists those MTV people are. Please.

      Of course I wasn't claiming MTV people are anything like Stalinists.
      Please. Next you're going to accuse me of claiming Jacques Chirac is a
      Stalinist. (The educated Iraqis I know have many other adjectives for
      him, but Stalinist is not one of them.)

      MTV people have their own weird ideology and perception of the world
      that I don't feel like outlining on this list. I will say, though,
      that for many years it has bothered me that MTV tends to treat people
      of darker-skinned races more like mascots than like full human beings,
      provided they are not stars.


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