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  • James Kirchner
    Nov 5, 2004
      On Friday, November 5, 2004, at 07:42 AM, ing.Sarka Rubkova wrote:

      > Ahoj,
      > Titulek (bez kontextu) zni Lorem Ipsum. Da se to nejak prelozit do
      > cestiny?

      I think you translate it Lorem Ipsum. These are the first two words of
      the standard phony text used in sample layouts when the real text to be
      used is not available yet. It can be called "placeholder text", and in
      the ad agencies, if I remember correctly, we called it "Greek type",
      leading to the verb "to greek in". If you "greek a column in", that
      means to fill it with that placeholder text. This text is frequently
      included in standard page layout programs now, but in the days of
      cardboard and glue, you used to be able to buy sheets of it for dummy

      For more information, see this site: http://www.lipsum.com/


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