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24297Re: [Czechlist] Off-topic: Czech view of Bush

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  • James Kirchner
    Nov 4, 2004
      On Thursday, November 4, 2004, at 02:09 PM, Michael Grant wrote:

      > Just curious--what's the general Czech perception of the Bush regime,
      > excuse me, administration? Do they take more of an "Old Europe" or
      > "New Europe" view? Or somewhere in between, or do they not really
      > care?

      I can't tell you the answer to that, of course, but you brought back an
      interesting memory. A friend of mine who graduated from the gymnazium
      around 1988 told me a few years ago that a downward age gap of just
      three years or so was enough to wash away the memory of communist
      tyranny and turn kids into standard MTV Euro-lefties. Or as he put it,
      "All it takes is an age difference of three years, and the kids think
      like real idiots, just like in Germany."

      If you're interested, I can also tell you that my many Iraqi friends
      here -- who still have close family in Baghdad -- were rooting for Bush
      and called me to say how ecstatic they were when he won. In the
      Detroit area, with its famously huge Arab population, I have met many
      Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis, etc., who are angry about the war and hate
      Bush, but virtually every Iraqi I've ever met claims to be grateful for
      the intervention and thinks that the bloodshed is a necessary tradeoff,
      even if their own family member gets killed. I even see pro-Bush,
      anti-Saddam bumper stickers on the cars of veiled Muslim women. (Make
      any conjecture you want.) The only thing they claim was done wrong was
      that the borders were not sealed after the takeover. (I personally
      believe that that was a deliberate strategy, but who knows.)

      And, if it comes back on, be sure to watch the History Channel
      documentary "Nazi Guerillas", about the Allied occupation from 1945 to
      1948. It's very pertinent to what's happening now.


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