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  • James Kirchner
    Sep 6, 2004
      On Monday, September 6, 2004, at 05:59 AM, Hana Viansová wrote:

      > Hi Simon, I THOUGHT it was strange that you seemed to react to
      > something in
      > your message - problem is that I never got Jamie´s original message. I
      > tried
      > checking Czechlist Archive but to no avail (which is probable due to
      > my poor
      > PC skills). If it´s easily available, could you possibly forward it to
      > me?
      > Thanks a million, AND thanks for the lesson in punctuation marks:-)

      Here it is:

      On September 5, Jamie rout:

      > Either your student's American friends are playing with him, or the
      > level of ignorance and illiteracy of American youth has reached
      > proportions more staggering than I've ever imagined it could.
      > "Tiny" and "teeny" are two different words. You student is
      > pronouncing "tiny" correctly. It's [taini]. The word "teeny" is
      > informal, is pronounced [ti:ni], and indicates that something is even
      > smaller than tiny. I think this applies on both sides of the ocean.
      > If the Americans are really serious, they are very, very ignorant.
      > Last week an American community college student of mine in a remedial
      > writing class (she went to inner city schools) wrote a paragraph
      > titled "The Boldest Job I Ever Had". "Bold", as was explained to me
      > by another student, nowadays means in her neighborhood "bad" or
      > "terrible". When I told her the real meaning of "bold" was "brave" or
      > "courageous", she was completely surprised and didn't quite trust what
      > I was telling her. I'm not even sure she knew what "courageous" > meant.


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