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23756Re: Author Royalties - a Money Question

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  • janvanek
    Sep 6, 2004
      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Martin Janda" <martinjanda@v...>

      > Anybody experienced in contracts Czech writers set up with
      publishers? A friend of mine, searching for evidence for his divorce
      trial (Ouch!) needs to find out how much - roughly - a well-reputed
      writer and the well-reputed guy drawing pictures can get for a book -
      I mean, 2%, 20%, or 50% of the book's retail price?

      Last October Viewegh bragged to have 18 %:


      Hard to say how much it drops for lesser luminaries; there was an
      article a couple years ago in Magazin Lidovych novin IIRC about how
      much of the cover price goes to whom but it is not available any more
      and it didn't seem especially trustworthy anyway. Still, I suppose
      that 10 to 15 % is a safe guess in case of somebody who sells in
      thousands. Wait, apparently Alltheweb is really better than Google:
      gives 15 % for Zdena Frybova, while poor bestselling Petra Hulova was
      ripped off to half of that (though you have to calculate it from the
      grand-sounding sum) - but I hear that Torst isn't especially, um,
      _good_ publisher if you happen to be an author.

      No idea about illustrators.

      Jan Vanek jr.
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